School Support

school coaching and professional development and teacher training

Program Development

Abacus can help you grow your school's elementary programs so that you are supporting all of your students' needs and helping teachers navigate constantly changing curricula and instructional practices. From staff-wide professional development, to grade-level team consulting, we can work together to strengthen your school's educational programs to ensure student success.

Meeting Student Needs

Abacus can help your school problem-solve to ensure that your school's elementary instruction is meeting every students' learning needs. From developing effective workshop models to incorporating weekly progress monitoring - we can work with your school to make sure that every student is being supported.

Improving the Home-to-School Connection

Many schools are eager to support families looking to help their students at home - but don't have the resources to build a truly effective family support program. Abacus can help you strengthen your school's home-to-school connection to ensure students can access support both at school and at home.

Tailored Packages

Just like our students, each educator and every school has unique needs. Our goal is to help you design a consulting package that will best serve your school. School support can be in-person or online. Together, we can grow student learning in a way that makes sense for your school.


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